I am working on a quick Shortest Job first algorithm and ran into a problem. I can't figure a way to implement, each way I try I get the wrong next process.

private static int lowTIme(ArrayList<Process> testProcesss,
			int currTime) {
		int i;
		int temp = testProcesss.get(0).getcpuTime();
		for(i = 1; currTime > testProcesss.get(i).getArrivalTime()
					&& temp < testProcesss.get(i).getcpuTime(); i++){
			temp = testProcesss.get(i).getcpuTime();
		return 0;


Process: 1
Arrival Time: 0
CPU Time: 5

Process: 2
Arrival Time: 2
CPU Time: 1

Process: 3
Arrival Time: 3
CPU Time: 8

Process: 4
Arrival Time: 3
CPU Time: 3

Okay first time around it will choose Process 1, the next would be 2, and the 3.

But it will choose process 2, even though it hasn't arrived

Any help?

Forget it, I know what wrong, I am giving it the all the process not the one's that are ready that I created....Lawls!

My first implementation will work

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