this is the code i have entered and keep getting the error:
error pointer to a function used in arithmetic and error cannot convert 'const int' to 'double' for argument '1' to 'double f09kkk_lat

{cout<<places<<""<<fixed<<setprecision[2] <<fo09kkk_lat_long_dist(brunel_lat,brunel_lon,lat,lon<<endl;


You are missing the ) at the end of the function parameter list.

{cout<<places<<""<<fixed<<setprecision[2] <<fo09kkk_lat_long_dist(brunel_lat,brunel_lon,lat,lon)<<endl;


oh i have done that still getting the same error message

In that case you will need to post the smallest sample of code that compiles and still produces the error or at the very least all the definitions of all the symbols you are using.

What does "int" mean?
What does "double" mean?
What does "cannot convert" mean?