I need to develop a functionality similar with the iTunes one, when you right-click a song -> Get Artwork, the jpg/png is "embeded" into the mp3 file.

I have no ideea how this could be done, do you have any hints ?


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You apparently have no clue as to how iTunes works, as it works completely different from what you describe.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the help.

I'm not sure how itunes works but I'm thinking what you could do is create a jLabel and have a left mouse click play the song and a right click on the mouse would give you options.

So maybe add a mouse listener to the jLabel
and if MouseEvent.button1 -> play song
else if MouseEvent.button2 -> option to get image

Not sure if that is really helpful, but it's a shot in the dark

iTunes doesn't "embed" anything in the media files, the images are stored separately on disk :)

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