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hello to all masters here.
i am from iran. for makeing an anti virus at first we must know what a virus does.
for excapmple all viruses make a key in regedit for starting up with window.
and viruses copy them selves in usb drives or hard disks.
if your pc has virus you can press ctrl+shift+esc and then watch cpu performence . if your cpu or ram performence changes alot and your pc may has a virus.
for makeing an anti virus we can scan background programs and the usage of them.
you must be known that a virus is usually under 1 mega bytes and a virus makes autorun files in your pc .
for starting , you can scan autorun.inf files.
the name front of the word "Open=" or "Autoplay=" can be a virus name.
the structure of an autorun file can be like this:
open = filename.exe

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