I have been using Visual basic 6.0 for one year.
1-I want to know that what is difference between visual studio and vb 6.0?
2- What is difference between vb 6.0 and vb.net?
3- Now i want to use vb.net. So tell me how can i install vb.net? and from which book i should start learning vb.net?
Please answer me all the questions if possible?

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Google to download VB.NET free example
Google for free tutorial example

I learned the basics from a book called Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Comprehensive. It doesn't teach you anything really interesting, but it teaches you the important basics of using VB.NET within Visual Studio--so you could learn about both at the same time using that book.

Here is the download link to the latest version of Visual Studio Express (Which is free) I've never programmed in anything outside of .NET how ever from what I've seen they are a little similar I learned VB.NET when I was probably 12 or 13 and over time I've just gotten the hang of it.

When I was just starting to learn VB.NET I used to just make random program starting at small programs to big(ish) programs and now I'm already used to it, I like know it like the back of my hand. I'm almost considering moving on to C# but when ever I can be bothered to learn it I will.

But yer if you just start making something just search solutions and you will learn from what other people have posted.

Put it this way if your a quick learner you should have no problem switching from VB6 to VB.NET.

Hope this has helped, good luck.

for your 1st and 2nd question: use wikipedia (you will get all the details)
3rd question:
(a.) you can donwload visual studio 2012 ultimate here (work in win7)
You can use the internet to learn it basic.

(b.) you can view on youtube as you can learn the things practically and if your question is nquestioned then you can use this type of site to learn it so...
And the same things in the book is given.

I also start my basic from internet learning

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