please check the attach file. here I don't understand the .mhf file. how it make or any alternative way to do this project. please any body help me.

its not clear. can I do this project other way?

Yea you can do this project in other way but by using other components. Here in the source code you have, the .MHF was used to store the contents of the Help File. You may understand if you open that .MHF file as Text file.


its not clear. can I do this project other way?

Hi abu taher,
This is Kinwang again. Here is my alternative way of creating same help file without using .mhf file.

Hope this helps

txtDetails.Text = "Contents of " & Node.Text

what I write for different sentence. like If I click on add then show some text , if I click on edit then show other text.

Hi abu,
What you want to add? Node of Tree view or Text in txtDetails? Both are possible.
See another attached help that i found helpful 1 year ago.

This source was not developed by me instead i downloaded from Internet. I hope it will help you.

thanks. but I said not like it. I said

txtDetails.Text = "Contents of " & Node.Text

here txtdetails show contents of and the node name. but If write code like

txtDetails.Text = "Contents of "

then all node are show contents of. but I want all node show different text what I want to show.

OK abu taher, that should be simple. You can do it simply as below.

Private Sub tvContents_NodeClick(ByVal Node As MSComctlLib.Node)
Dim img As String

If Node.Expanded = True Then
Node.Expanded = False
Node.Image = "Close"
txtDetails.Text = ""
ElseIf Node.Expanded = False Then
Node.Expanded = True
Node.Image = "Open"
Select Case Node.Text
    Case "Introduction"
    txtDetails.Text = "This will be the introduction of your software"
    Case "Records"
    txtDetails.Text = "The below shows the details about adding and deleting records."
End Select
End If
End Sub

Hope this is what you are looking for.

nice . but help me again. it work with introduction. but what i write for adding data or editing data. I write like

select case node.child.text

but not work. please......

OK taher, I think you can also use Node.Index instead of Node.Text. Since i have shortage of time, I will reply you with my more help. Hope Node.Index helps you.

but now it work with node.text. only change case.