I'm doing school assignment. But I can't solve it yet.
Will you help me?
Using shared memory,I have to copy structure to second program.
But it does not operate well.
Maybe it's type problem especially shmat part.
Will you help me guys? Thanks you in advance.

struct work_list {
    int speed_rate; 
    int dirty_rate;  
} ;   

int main(void)
int shmid;         
int index=0;
int buffer;
int pid;
int icount, jcount;

struct work_list work_ll[10];
struct work_list *ptr;
struct work_list *ptr1;
ptr = &work_ll[0];
ptr1 = &work_ll[0];
for(jcount=0; jcount<3;jcount++)
	work_ll[jcount].speed_rate = rand()%5;
	work_ll[jcount].dirty_rate = rand()%5;

shmid = shmget(SHMKEY, BUFSIZE*sizeof(char), IPC_CREAT | 0x1FF );
if (shmid == -1) perror("shmget: ");
prt1 = (struct work_list *)shmat(shmid, NULL, 0);
if (semid == -1) perror("semget: ");
index = (index + 1) % 5;            // Circular queue.

when i was a child, i used to watch the re-runs of a US sitcom called "Laverne and Shirley".

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Now I'm considering your functions, "shmat" and "shmget", and once again I'm asking "what the hell is this?" The old feelings of inadequacy resurface. Because surely it must be my knowledge that is at fault. Because obviously SOMEBODY knows what these things mean. Right?

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>>But it does not operate well.

What exactly does that mean?

lines 23-31: If the return value is -1 then the program prints an error message and continues to process as if the return value were ok ??? That's a little like when chopping an onion, you accidentally chop off a finger but say "That's ok, I'll just finish chopping the onion."