package hw3;
import java.math.*;

public class Main {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        int i, j=0;
        double t=0;

        int m=4;
        int n=5;

        hw3.Point[] p = new Point[m];
        hw3.Point[] q = new Point[n];
        p[0] = new Point(0,0);
        p[1] = new Point(0,1);
        p[2] = new Point(0,3);
        p[3] = new Point(0,5);
        q[0] = new Point(1,1);
        q[1] = new Point(1,4);
        q[2] = new Point(1,5);
        q[3] = new Point(1,6);
        q[4] = new Point(1,7);

    int l=m+n-2;
    hw3.Line[] ln = new Line[l];
    ln[0] = new Line(p[0],q[0]);
        for (int lncount=1; i<=m && j<=n;lncount++)

This is the part of Main class and only one error had occured.
The letter 'i' at 'i<=m'. Just that tiny one letter and it's says it can't run because of that. All other things are fine.
Could you please tell me what the problem is??

Hi annietabio and welcome to DaniWeb :)

int i, j=0;

All you have done here is tell the compiler that you have an int called i, you haven't given it a value. When you say i<=m, the compiler doesn't know whether this is true, because i could be 0 or 100000 or -56. You need to initialize it to a value.

Thank you so much! *million kisses to you*