How are you?
I want to help in a software project?

The project that you will be working on in this course is an interactive shopping system.
You will be creating the administration part of the system that allows the shop staff to add new
categories and products to the system.
You will be working on the project throughout the entire course. Each week there will be a project
task that is related to the topic covered in the lab that week. By completing each project task each
week you will eventually end up with a complete project.
We strongly recommend that you keep on top of the project tasks and don’t fall behind. This is not a
trivial project, and you will not be able to leave it until the last minute and complete it.

You keep up with me spiritsad@gmail.com

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After reading the requirements they are pretty big, but most of all pretty explanatory. And given the introduction, I don't believe that you are required to do them all at once.

So at which point are you having problem with. What do you need to implement at first. The pdf tells you which classes to create, and it says that a DB is optional so you can use dummy data hard coded in the code.

Also at the end it explains what the code needs to do when testing.

And most important, since you have been given this, it means that you have been taught what is necessary or you need to study it. We cannot study for you. We have already done that.

Each week there will be a project
task that is related to the topic covered in the lab that week

So how many labs have you attended. If this is the first week then start with what you have been assigned and DO only what you have been asked. It shouldn't be too complex since it is the first lab.

If you have any problems post you code with the errors that you get, using code tags

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