I have a strange annoing situation with a C# software i made.

The software is made by me, it uses :
- usual C# libraries - visual studio 2008
- MySql DB with .net connector
- Crystal reports

Problem :
- the problem is that on a specific system crashes. It worked well until a specific version (and later ones). I didn`t made major changes in the software at that time. Earlier versions works fine.
The system : vista home , i installed separately and included in the software all the required dlls and requirements (crystal reports, db connector etc).
I cannot find what is wrong because the program don`t run, it crashes - windows style - before any code line run.

I tried installing the software with the setup, and just copy paste. Debug, release and publish versions. I cannot format the laptop or reinstall the windows. I compiled it on a XP and Vista. The exe crashes if i run it from the installed folder or any other folder in the system. I looked on the google for like a week when first time occured (is been like 5 months) and now is driving me crazy.

I guess is a dll or something similar, how can i find out what is wrong ?

can you run it from visual studio without crashes?

I forgot to mention, the software runs very good on other systems, tested on 2 vista and 2 xp, and in debug mode.

I`ll post the crash error in a few minutes too.

I think i solved the problem,
Usually i update the software replacing only the "exe" file, and usually works. Now i copied the new exe and all the prerequites files in a different folder and it worked, basically a new fresh install.