How can i convert this pr0gram in conditi0nal operat0rs...?
I don't kn0w h0w to use more than tw0 conditi0ns in c0nditi0nal 0perat0rs.
We've learned to use two conditional operators conditions s0 far, for example, (a>b)? a:b ; but don't kn0w how t0 apply it for 3 c0nditions ?

i've wrote this pr0gram and i want a same pr0gram f0r conditional operator

int main(void)
int a,b,c,d;
printf ("Enter first value");
scanf ("%d",&b);
printf ("Enter second value");
scanf ("%d",&a);
printf ("Enter third value");
scanf ("%d",&c);
if (a>b && a>c)
else if(b>a && b>c)
printf ("%d",d);
WTF d00d? are y0u retarded?

>>but don't kn0w how t0 apply it for 3 c0nditions ?

Is the o key broken on your keyboard? if( a > b) ? a : if( b > c) ? b : c; You could in theory just keep going on an on like that, but it will just make the code nearly impossible to understand.

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