I new to Python and I'm trying to make this script work, I made this in php, but I'd like to know how to do it in python...

I'm trying to encode a file with base64 and then decode and write the binary data to a file.

import base64

binaryfile = open("original.mp3").read()

file = open("out.txt", "w")

base64.encode(open("out.txt"), open("out.b64", "w"))
base64.decode(open("out.b64"), open("out.mp3", "w"))

print "original:", repr(binaryfile)
print "encoded message:", repr(open("out.b64").read())
print "decoded message:", repr(open("out.txt").read())

raw_input("\nPress ENTER to exit")

can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong and tell me the proper way to do what I'm looking for

Here is example code:

import base64

# pick sound file you have in working directory
# or give full path
sound_file = "original.mp3"

# use mode = "rb" to read binary file
fin = open(sound_file, "rb")
binary_data = fin.read()

# encode binary to base64 string (printable)
b64_data = base64.b64encode(binary_data)

b64_fname = "original_b64.txt"
# save base64 string to given text file
fout = open(b64_fname, "w")

# read base64 string back in
fin = open(b64_fname, "r")
b64_str = fin.read()

# decode base64 string to original binary sound object
mp3_data = base64.b64decode(b64_str)
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