i want to write a program for reading mpeg-4 file headers to get info such as filetype ,encoder,bitrate,etc.. is there any library of these functions? i tried searching the forums but could find any desirable results ... i aint asking for the code.. jus a little help on which library to use and how to extract the info

I'd search Google rather than searching forums. There's more detailed information there.

found out on the net and most of them suggested ffmpeg !!! but the prob is that it is a soft and not a library which i can include and use itss functions !!!

please help me a little bit more !!! maybe a link where i can find this info !! i've been trying to search a lot.. the other thing is tht im a newbie to c as well!!!

We're programming experts, not video experts. The ffmpeg forums would give you better answers if you can ask the right questions. Or other video forums. There are a lot out there.