Hey guys, i been looking through at questions regarding roman numerals and i have a question. i ran some of the coding which i found and i dont quite understand this part..

int number = 3000;
int number2 , i ;
      number2 = number / 1000;
for(i = 1; i <= number2; i++)
cout << 'M';

When i run this, the expected result will be MMM. but when i changed , int number = 3001 , i still get back the result of MMM. Why is this? I would have expected the program not to give any solution at all?

Am i right to say that in c++ , when you use division ( /) , it will keep dividing till the point it is unable to divide any smaller?

Hope you guys can help explain this to me.

In most languages integer division returns the floor or rounded down integer so 3001/1000 = 3.xxx which as a rounded down integer is just 3.

This number2 = number / 1000; is rounded to an integer.
If you want to have a floating point result use float number2 = number / 1000;

Actually you need to

float number2 = (float)number / 1000;

for real answer, because, 3001/1000 will give you 3, and it will cast it to float as 3.0