Hi, I need to code for "Quick reply text box" and also its functionality written in C# lang. Thanks

What do you understand by a quick reply textbox?
Do you mean a message box?
Vaguely posed questions seldom have lots of succes here. Try to be as clear as you possibly can when posting a problem.

Hi, Thanks for reply. I mean to say that I have written a message written on one particular webpage. And another member reads that message and want to reply to that particular message using quick reply text which should at the bottom of the message like we have in forums.

I need the code for that quick reply message box using C#.

So you want to write some sort of chat application?

Sorry for the delay. Same as forum. Some body like me raised a question and you answered me via quick reply message box. I need that message box code and also the code that establish connection between C# and SQL server.