I know I'm going to be bashed at for this, just please read at least this much before you start yelling at me to read the faq or thousands of other posts online.
Im having a problem clear screening for my school work since my teacher has a fetish for it working properly so I've spent hours reading trying to find something to make it work.

Here is a list of what I've tried to do, I use Dev C++ atm.

-Tried Borland on my schools computers, clrscr() worked great but the compiler we had installed had hundreds of errors and bugs because of kids messing around with it. Its slow, annoying, slow to compile (plus our network sucks so it takes forever).

-Found out about Dev C++, started using it, liked it, looked up a way to clear screen, found out most "efficient way" is to output lines of '\n' in order to make a psuedo-clear screen

-Teacher didnt like how it didnt actually clear the screen (hed scroll up and go "IT SHOULDNT BE LIKE THAT"), said to make it work or it would start to bother him.

-Tried using system("cls") again since i used it in the beginning of the semester before i found out how big of a security hole it is and how inefficient and slow it is (Not like im making any big project I just dont want to pick up a bad habit). Now for some reason the network sucks even worse and it wont let me use system("cls") just to get him off my back. We use Windows XP SP 3.

-As stupid as it sounds tried to figure out a way to use '\b' to overwrite previous text but for large scale programs it just a waste of time to try to get it to work right

- Tried installing Code::Blocks, installing the Borland compiler and trying to use Borlands library so i could use clrscr() without using the Borland UI, kept getting an error that "unable to open cox32.obj" no matter what way to fix it i found online i couldnt get it to path correctly. I tried to create the config files to make it find the library, wouldnt work.

I really didnt want to make a forum post about it because of the thousands online, but I can't find any solution to my problem. If i could get help on making the Code::Blocks library to work with Borland or any way i could get system("cls") just to work on my schools computer (I dont expect to get an answer since you have no idea what the problem is, only thing i can tell you that it has no problem compiling the line of code it just doesnt actually do anything with it.).

Thank you to anyone who actually read through my rant on my quest to find a way to clear screen, if you have any input at all it would be very helpful and appreciated.

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If your using windows system("cls"); should work just fine I don't understand what the problem is..


I don't understand why it doesn't either, like i said it doesnt give any error or warning, it literally just doesnt clear the screen. I would try taking it out of the network to see if it would run without it but the compiler is saved on the network drive not the C: drive, ill try doing that tomorrow if i can move it to the C: drive


See post #7 on this thread

Thank you very much, this works with DevC++ and I saved it as a header and it works just fine. Ill bring the file into my schools computers tomorrow to see if it will work. Thanks again :)

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