Hi guys, I'm new here I just started learning assembly and tomorrow I have an exam and I have a problem with a task. I can't find code for division and I module, so I have this task, if you can pls write me the code:
Write a code for a program that reads 50 numbers from keyboard. For each number is called the procedure that exams if the number is divisible with 5 or not. If it is the procedure calls new procedure which does summing of all the numbers which are divisible with 5. And at the end, print this sum on a screen.

Thank you :)

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> I just started learning assembly
When, yesterday?

> and tomorrow I have an exam
When did you know you had an exam coming? - weeks ago I bet.
But somehow it wasn't a problem until it's too late to do anything about it.

It's the 4th quarter, 98 yards to go and only 10 seconds on the clock.

> if you can pls write me the code:
I've got a strangely familiar feeling - hunger.
"Yes, I'll have fries with that" - remember, you'll be hearing these words soon enough.

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