Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this thread in, but here it is.

Even though I program on the Mac OS X platform, and am quite good at it, I'm really doing game programming, so I never really learned much Cocoa or Carbon. Can someone tell me the Carbon function for a message box? Thanks a lot.

Message box? In Mac OS X you generally don't use a message box, or when you do, they fold down from the top of the window. Assuming you have a window already, this is the way you should do things. You'll probably have better luck looking in that direction. Maybe somebody will come along with a slicker answer than that.

I've done a MessageBox function for mac, you will find the code in my blog there you will find a function that create a modal message box and returns the selected value depending on the pressed button.
The code, with few more lines of code will be a complete equivalent of window's MessageBox function

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