void MatchWord(Match temp, int duplicatedoc, int originaldoc, string * words)
Idea is to send in a match and then call the binary search on the matching words and see if they are found. If they are found, give them a higher weight and if not found, give it a lower weight..The formula for that weight has yet to be made.Remember to turn the string to lower case because the sorted list of words is in all lowercase. Let this function pull out the Match temp's word.Search for it in the words array with the binary search if found, modify the weights weight and if not found, modify the weights. need to convert the words to lower case before searching for it with the binary search.

guys i m done witht remainin code just need to get this function done...

the duplicatedoc(it is a text file) are compared to all the originaldoc one by one and is the given the score is given to the 2 docs based on the number of similar words..
if u guys can help me wid it..thanks a lot...appreciate ur help..

A. Your problem description and your comments about your situation aren't very clear. Rather confusing, actually.

B. You have to attempt to solve it, then we will help you with any problems you encounter. But you have to put forth the effort first. Please read the sticky threads at the top of this forum on how to best get help here.