Hey guys, I'm new here and my question is what to use (if it exists) and possibly how to simulate a "notebook" where instead of Tabs I would like to do it with buttons (wx.Button).

Being more specific,
what I would like to do is to make the same functionality of a notebook but with buttons to switch the pages and other functionality (this is the one that at the moment does not occur to me and I would like to know what to use (if it exists)) to possibly display the content of each page.

Why? Because I feel like notebooks doesn't have much space to customization and to be honest I would just prefer this way.

EDIT: Would like to do something like this:

If anyone could help I would appreciate,

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Not sure what you would gain from using buttons activating panels instead of notebook pages with tabs.

Mainly its because of customization of the triggers itself and "look", lets say I would want the tabs to be with an Image instead of text (the usual) and wanted it to be left, well I know I can do this with wx.notebook but first the border is still there and ruins totally the image (I don't know if I can remove, probably possible), then wanting to align the tabs left I would like them to have a certain space from the notebook itself and the image be horizontally instead of being vertically. And thats mainly it, to be honest I don't know much about notebooks customization and maybe you can do all of this, but I'm not that sure.

Would like to do something like this:

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