Hello all

I hope someone could help me, i have a small application that I wrote for a friend, but I need it to start up every 24 hours or so. It basically like a reminder application but i need it to start up at a predefined time. I have managed to figure out how to get the application to popup on start up using regestry but how does one make sure that an application pops up regardless if the user switched their pc of or not?

Fanx guys and happy coding :)

I think your best bet here is to make your app run in the background with a system tray Icon. Using a timer and on its tick, subtract the time you started from the current time. then compare that a timespan.

attached is an example app project. I figured I'd need this for something eventually so I went ahead and hacked up and example.

Thank you for the reply but using the task scheduler in this case will not work for my purposes - thanks anyway...

Happy coding :)

Hey Diamond it looks great! I didnt actually think of that approach, cool man really appreciate it ! :)

Will let you know of the progress !

Happy coding :)!