Hi there,

My name is Tsjelle,
I'm a Bachelor in the Informatics.

I'm writing a program in vb.net that get's an xml-file as input and somewhere in the xml-file there is an attribute that's in fact an HTML-page. And it's that page I need to get printed.

I'm at the point that this HTML-page is in a string, i've tried all possible ways and just had a search of 3 days on the net, but i still can't find a simple solution.

It's a sort of confirmation of an order, the HTML-file.

If someone can help me?

Thanks in advance,


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you have to search about java script print form

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Do you have an example of the part of the XML file that has the html (I thought that the html tags would cause an error in the XML file)? You may need to read the XML into a dataset and then retrieve the element that has the html then remove anything that looks like an html tag and send it to the printer.


Hi man,

i don't understand well wahat are you said, please update with code to know in which part i will help you if i don't get the answer for you, if your problem when you retrive your xml to html you can do that with xsl and in this we'll not able to have any proplem with any tag.


Yes, but you have to know that the XML File must related with XSL File
Like that

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-1'?>
<?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='Months.XSL'?>

And you design in your XSL html tags as you wish


Yes, I know how xml and xsl are related but how would an html document look nested in xml tags?


Why not just extract the HTML part from the XML file, display it in a hidden WebBrowser control and then print it from there?

That would be the same as printing a normal webpage from, say Internet Explorer using
File->Print. Right?

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