I am trying to play some audio from within a program using MCIWndPlay(m_Audio); or MCIWndPlayTo(m_Audio, duration); type calls.

The program is getting the path of the media from an RSS feed and the audio can be either an MP3 file or a streaming MP3 (either progressive download or actual streaming MP3). This code plays straight MP3 files fine, and it plays progressive download MP3s from a .m3u fine, but it doesn't seem to agree with streaming audio.

When I give it a stream (.asx) it doesn't do anything. MCIWndPlay(m_Audio); is returning a zero, so I guess it thinks it's doing it right, but it's not actually playing the audio.

Also, for MCIWndPlayTo(m_Audio, duration); , It doesn't seem to like any duration I put in for it, it tells me that it's out of range. I have another topic going asking about how to put in a duration that is greater than the length, but I'd like to be able to play some duration, X, or the entire stream, whichever is shorter.

FWIW, it's not like the PC itself has a problem playing the .asx streams. If I plug the path into a browser it pops up with WMP and starts playing.

Spam? The two threads are about entirely different problems. This one is asking if I can play streams with these function calls or not. The other thread is about arguments to a function call (albeit the same function) and why it doesn't appear to act as specified in the documentation. Is every thread on here that asks a question about similar or same functions spam even if the questions are largely unrelated? :idea:

Also, how much more code do you need? As I said, my code plays fine from an an actual MP3 or an M3U file path, so I don't think that the code setup for these function calls is incorrect. My question specifically is asking about passing an ASX audio stream to this particular function call. If you have specific questions about how I'm setting up the MCI or other settings you can ask or point out what other code might be affecting this problem and I can post that code, but as far as I can tell, this is the only code I'm having a problem with.

Thanks for the helpful input though. :icon_neutral:

. . . OK . . . :S

If I'm apparently going to get warnings and threads deleted for asking unrelated questions, can someone tell me how to go about editing the thread title to contain information regarding the question about the MCIWndPlayTo function?

As far as I know, you can't edit a post after 30 minutes and editing the OP is the only way to change the topic title (?)

The other question had nothing to do with streams but was about the use of a specific function call and how to use it in the generic sense and why it wasn't working. People that don't know about streaming audio with the MCI likely won't click on this thread even though they might know about usage of that call.

It is at this point irrelevant - you still HAVE NOT POSTED A BEAN OF CODE.

You should have posted that diatribe in the feedback forum - they like that kind of stuff there - keeps them entertained for whole days at a time.

Here - it's rubbish.