Hello Guys. Does C# includes a Graphic Header ? I want to create a circle , with some BIG DOTS on it , and that BIG DOTS to rotate on the circle axis. Is that possible ?

>Is that possible ?
Sure. Have a look at GDI - System.Drawing classes.

Perhaps have a look at this snippet to get some ideas.
Here I placed some big dots on a rectangle and changed their color (from yellow to red and back) so they appear to move, but here that is just a trick of the eye.
If you want to move a little circle on a big circle (maybe a simulation of a solar system:| ), you must be ready to dive into a great, adventurous, but exiting journey.
To place a little circle on a bigger circle, I hope you know what trigonometry is. The knowledge of sine and cosine functions may be very usefull here. Try to move the little circle and it is perhaps best know something about matrix tranformations.
And then again I'm only talking about 2D here!