how would i be able to open and read a .obj file(for a 3D model)?
i need to extract the vertexes and their normals

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Have you tried using a Hex Editor? (HexEdit is a freeware version, available at popular download sites like Toucow, etc.).

I'm not sure you can find what you want, however.


um, did you try "double-clicking" the file?

.obj files are written in plain text.

Mine aren't. Mine are all binary.


Mine aren't. Mine are all binary.

i dont think you're talking about the same thing as the poster is. .OBJ files are standard 3D graphics definition files for geometric objects . they're written in plain text. here is an example.

perhaps you're confusing them with .O "object files" built by a C compiler from source code. which is obviously binary machine language.


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Oh.... No I was confusing them with he .obj files I've dealt with since the 70's -- output from compilers. .O is only Linux, .OBJ was every other system I've used.


oh, yeah, that ... i rarely deal with object files on windows.

anyhow, it sucks when two completely different files for two totally unrelated purposes use the same extension :P

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