May be in wrong forum but I did work out the lookup problem, what I am still having problems with is making sure the lookup can find the address book file regardless of the current working directory. I believe I need to do this with $PATH but am unclear on how

In you .profile(if u r using ksh) file, set the PATH variable as
export PATH

This will allow you to use the command anywhere but only for your login.

Thanks for the help but one other question (boy I feel dumb) Since I want lookup to be able to locate .addr_book no matter what the current working directory is, should I be editing the path for .addr_book. I tried to change the PATH for lookup in the bin directory that it is located in but that did not work, then lookup can't be found at all. Any way thanks for helping I truly appreciated it


You may need to execute the .profile file once you have made the changes. Like
$> . .profile

One more problem, is that shell searches for only executables in the PATH variable. Try making the the .addr file an executable and check if 'which' is returning the file.
$> which file_name ---> should give the location of the executable. If you dont want to change it to an exe, you have to refer the file with the complete path.

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