hi all :)

Newbie here.

Just wanna know if it is possible to make a pop up box, that is actually used for a little note holder instead of a premade message box? and if so..can you tell me how to accomplish this? I am wanting to attach it to a (lol..yet another text box)

thanxxxX :)

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>used for a little note holder instead of a premade message box

Yes, you can create custom dialog.


If i get that correct,
You should make a second form(e.g. Form2), wich contains a textbox. Then add a button to your main form, and call that form.

If you need any additional assistance contact me :)


ahhh..thank you AlexPap for your reply and for offer of future help, as I am probably gonna need it! :)

I will give this a solid effort and let you know how it turns out

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