help me how to download turbo c , and how to open . and how to start.

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Google "Borland Legacy Programs", and you'll get the link to the legacy C/C++ compilers.

As for setting it up, just remember that it's not a Windows program, (at least the early versions are DOS), so follow the directions that come with it, and do not use any Windows installer, unless it comes with one, and says to use it.

My version of turbo C/C++ just goes in a directory called C:\TC, and from there, it made all the other directories that are below it.

In the C:\TC directory, you'll have a "" file. Double click on it, and it has all the info in it, except the window problem of getting it to work in the full screen.

After that just find your TC.exe file and right click on it, select "create shortcut", and drag the shortcut onto your desktop, and you'll be good to go.

You may have to adjust the properties of your console window for TC. At least, I did. You want the full window to be used, not the adjustable one, and you have to lower your buffers and window size, so your system can fit it in (but not too low). This was the only problem I had with the install.

Post back if you have a problem with that, and I'll go into more detail with you, on it.