Write a student advisory program that will enable each assignment group member, to view the total GPA scored so far and the points required to move to advanced Diploma or win a scholarship. The program must produce one the following outputs and an advisory message for each assignment group member, depending on his/her results.

Output 1 -
You have scored highest marks in COMP/INTE_________and lowest marks in COMP/INTE_______________.
Your GPA is ______________.
Advisory Message
You are eligible for Advanced Diploma. You need ________points more to avail of a scholarship and continue to Advanced Diploma.
Output 2-

Advisory Message
You are not yet eligible for Advanced Diploma. You need _______ points more to continue to Advanced Diploma.

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    Ezzaral 2,714   8 Years Ago

    If you don't make an effort soon, it will be an easy calculation[code]GPA = 0;[/code] Read More

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    Apparently your only effort is going to be "please help me ". Read adatapost's post (#16) and the [URL="http://www.daniweb.com/forums/faq.php?faq=daniweb_policies"]rules[/URL]. This thread is done. Read More


please do try this on your own, atleast just try and then where you get stuck, we will have a look :)

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Well said.

Can you write a program that just prints the words (strings) you have above?
...even with the __blanks__?

That would be a good first step.


he is asking if you can code....

ok lets do this step by step...

write a basic application that will either print to the console or display a message box with the text that you specified in the 1st post


Do you have anything written so far?

If not, is there anyone else in the class that can show you how to get a program started?

It is easy for most programmers to simply GIVE you the code, but I'm assuming you want to LEARN HOW to program this. Right?


Don't spam the board please.

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oops... i wanted to rate the post negative... and i clicked on the positive...some 1 plz fix

never mind... fixed

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