hi, i'm writing a program that reads in 3d coordinates for a vertex and the edges that connect them, then projects the 3d image. right now i'm working with the implementation of the wireframe class, relevant prototypes (i've left some out) here:

class wireframe{
    vertex *points;	    // an array of points that define the object
    vertex *ppoints;	    // the projection of the points that define the object
    int npts;		    // number of points
    wireframe();           // constructor
    void readin(char* filename);   
    void project();        


vertices are defined with x, y, and z float coordinates. my readin function works fine, but once i get to the project function in the main program, the value for npts and the values within the array points[npts] are all set back to 0 even though i've set them while reading them in from the file. could someone explain why this is happening and what i can do to ensure that the values read in from the file carry over to the next part of the program?

Can you show us your readin function and then the function that is not retrieving the correct values?