Hello, I am a novice programmer in C++. I know only basic object-oriented ideas and my teacher thinks it is the worst thing that ever happened to mankind and because of that, I only know procedural programming. In addition, he has us use archaic compilers such as CodeWarrior from 10 years ago and a rudimentary graphics engine called "CMU Graphics Lab"

Anyway, introductions aside, I would like assistance from you guys from this trouble I have been having making an RPG as a final project. Here is a snippet of my code:

if (iX>=15)
if (iX<=135)
if (iY>=135)
if (iY<=295)
// Those are the coordinates for an Attack Button for a battle
// sequence.
testWindow.SetPen(WHITE, 0);
testWindow.DrawRectangle(424, 146,569 , 165, FILLED);
EBattleHP-20; // HP of enemy subtracted
EHPoutput <<"Enemy HP "<<EBattleHP << "/"<<ETotalHP; // This is akin to cout
testWindow.DrawString(425, 150, EHPoutput.str());
testWindow.SetPen(BLACK, 5);

Now, the problem I am having is that the HP subtracted does not stay. It flashes momentarily on the screen, and dissapears. Can any of you help me out? Anything would be appreciated.

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