I am using this code in C# as shown below, to view the students first name.

studentsBindingSource.filter = "[First Name] like '%" + txtFirstName.text + "%'";

This code is very useful and working well.

If i input at a textbox for example, a letter [M] or abbreviations, all the students with letter M will be displayed, so no problem with that.

But how about if i input an abbreviated name with spaces for example [M a] or [A u], [Ad Us], etc., that displays a two word name for having it specific. For this example a named with "M a" will be displayed like "Mary Ann", Mark Andrew and so on.

So i need help to solve this problem, coz i'm having trouble for this, coz everytime i use an abbreviation that uses spaces resulted to a no display data grid view.


studentsBindingSource.filter = "[First Name] like '" + txtFirstName.text + "%' AND [Last Name] Like '" + txtLastName.Test + "'%";

I assume that you seperated the First Name column and the Last Names column.

If not then you would need to play with Substring.

If you show some more examples I can help you.

Unfortunately the wildcard symbol (%) is only allowed at the start and/or end of the filter string.
You would need to implement your own logic to apply the filter the way you have stated.
Something like:

string Value = "M a";
            string filter = string.Empty;
            if (Value.Contains(" ")) //check for space in filter value
                string[] Values = Value.Split(' '); //seperate each value

                filter+="([First Name] like '" + Values[0] + "%') AND"; //check first name begins with first letter
                for(int i = 1; i<Values.Length;i++) //for each additional set of values
                    filter += "([First Name] like '% " + Values[i] + "%') AND"; //add additional filter condition
                filter = filter.Substring(0, filter.LastIndexOf("AND") - 1); //remove final AND from filter
                filter = "[First Name] like '%" + Value + "%'";

The above code would match "Mark andrew" or "Mary Lilly Anne".
You can be as specific as you like with the way you build the filters; string each condition together with an AND to ensure all parts are matched, or repalce AND with OR to make each match optional etc.

Ok thanks my problem was solved...

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