Guyz, i need your help. How will create an array of checkbox, I dont know to create it on but as far as i know in vb6 you're just going to create a toolbox then if you copy and paste it,it will automatically ask if you want to create an array of it but I really nid it in, I want to create 5 checkboxes,for example the name of the checkbox would be checkbox then they're indexes would be checkbox(1),checkbox(2),checkbox(3),checkbox(4),checkbox(5). I tried it to write in codes but something is wrong,the program can't understand what just I did,here's my code. Hope you helped me here!Im going to wait..

Dim chkcount As SByte
        chkcount = 1

        While chkcount <> 5
            chk(chkcount).enabled = True
            chkcount += 1

        End While

>How will create an array of checkbox

Dim ChArray(3) as CheckBox
'Assign reference of each checkbox
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