I have been using VS 2003 forever. I am just starting to use VS2008 and I am about to just trash it.

It will not render the start up form which is now in a partial class. It uses it to build because I use the objects defined in that class in my code and get no compile errors. When I press the F5 key it only runs my code and does not render the start up form. My code is all event handling so it really does NOTHING. I put in a form1_load event sub with a single statement.

private sub form1_load(byVal Sender as Object, byVal e as system.eventargs) handles me.load

dim sText as string = "please debug me"
end sub

I set a breakpoint on the string assignment and ran the code. It stopped at the breakpoint and I 'stepped into' using F8 and it just stopped after the end sub statement. Then I put a me.show statement in to see what would happen and I got a blank window.

I noticed that the partial class does not have an initialization sub (New()) which I thought was required. I tried putting it in and it does nothing. I am pretty sure it is the debugger that is bugging me but I do not know how to solve this. Any help out there before I go back to VS2003?

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I ended up deleting the project and regenerating it after I reset the VS2008 defaults. Evidently, sometimes VS2008 installs with some funny settings that are not the default settings. thanks anyway

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