I play a game called JediKnight 3. I got the source code online from a website, and I wanted to do a command but don't know how to even start it.

Under the g_cmds.c file is where we execute commands. Such as /sit and you will begin the sit animation and actually sit your character down.

Now I want to type in a command and make it take me to a website and minimize the program im in. (jamp.exe)

void ClientCommand( int clientNum ) {
	gentity_t *ent;
	char	cmd[MAX_TOKEN_CHARS];

	ent = g_entities + clientNum;
	if ( !ent->client ) {
		return;		// not fully in game yet

	trap_Argv( 0, cmd, sizeof( cmd ) );

	//rww - redirect bot commands
	if (strstr(cmd, "bot_") && AcceptBotCommand(cmd, ent))
	//end rww
				else if (Q_stricmp(cmd, "emotes") == 0)
		trap_SendServerCommand( clientNum, va("print \"\n^3___________________________\n       ^3*^1EMOTES^3*\n^3---------------------------\n^7/sit <--- Sit down.\n"));

That's how we would do someting like /emotes then it would tell us all the emotes in the game. But how would I make it minimize the game, and go to a website?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

>I play a game called JediKnight 3.
Jedi Academy?

>I got the source code online from a website
Issue resolved.