I created a JApplet game for a class project. My game is basically a dodge-ball game. I have 5 dodgeballs bouncing around the screen with a player starting in the middle. The object is to mouse drag the player dodging all of the balls bouncing.

The problem I am having is the dodge-balls pass right through my player. I want the game to end if the player gets hit. I am having difficulty setting this up and was wondering what exactly do i need to be using. I believe it has something to do with mouse listener but am not sure. If someone could help point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


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Since you are dragging the player with the mouse, have you tried making a mouseover event for the balls?


I am a little confused with the mouseover event I can't really find anything on it. What i was thinking of trying but am unsure if it will work is setting to check for collision and if it collides just do like a joptiondialog box pop up letting them know game over. Any idea if this would work? Would try this on my program but currently at work and can't work on it :p. just curious if it is something that might work if anyone knows.

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