Hello all,

I am in need of a dll that, if passed the shortcut/.lnk name and the Start Menu -> Programs path if needed, will return the target attribute of that shortcut.

I am going to be calling this from a Lua script based application from Indigo Rose called AutoPlay Media Studio. They have a DLL.Callfunction action that would make use of this newly created .dll. You supply the .dll, function name, parameters and away it should go to return the string path/target.

It is recommended that this 'standard' dll be written in c or c++. The only problem is I know next to nothing about either and I'm kind of in a bind.

Any points to existing dll code or any other examples here would be GREATLY, and I mean GREATLY appreciated!!

Thanks much in advance!!!!

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if you need a custom .dll to do provide some functions why do you give a damn what language it's written in?

if it's a .dll, it can be written in Perl or Visual Basic for all you care, as long as it works. A .dll exports functions to the caller; the underlying code is irrelevant.

I had try to write it in vb6, but I get an error indicating that the function could not be found.

sounds like you need to try harder then.

because you sure arent' going to get anyone here to write it for you.

Wasn't asking for that, just a little help, which is what I got I guess.

Sorry to waste your time!

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