Can anyone offer help for the following Macro I am needing in Excel 2007. The function would be as follows. Need help with turning this into code. Thanks so much in advance!!

1) Open file name: Y:/P21.xls
2) Open file name: Y:/PriceSheet.xlt
(Note: Pricesheet.xlt pulls data from P21.xls)
3) Save Y:/PriceSheet.xlt as PDF (using the Save to PDF function within Excel 2007).
**The file name should equal the text in cell J27 in Pricesheet.xlt.
**The save to location is Y:/Quotes/
**It is not necessary to view the PDF when it is created
4) Close Y:/P21.xls (do not save changes)
5) Close Y:PriceSheet.xlt (do not save changes)

Your help is most appreciated!!!