I can't seem to figure out the code you are missing.
Any help getting the below code working would be great.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#define SIZE 2 // initially to test kept it to SIZE 2
typedef struct {

char firstName[30];
char lastName[30];
char street[35];
char city[20];
char state[3];
int zip;
char phone[15];
int accountId;
} Customer;
Customer getCustInfo(int a )
Customer cust;
char firstName2[30];
printf(" Enter Data for Customer %d\n", a);
printf("Enter First Last Phone: ");
scanf("%s %s %s", cust.firstName, cust.lastName, cust.phone);
printf("Enter Address (Street City State ZIP): \n");
scanf("%s %s %s %d", cust.street, cust.city, cust.state, &cust.zip);
cust.accountId = a + 1;
return cust;
void printCustDB(Customer cust) 
printf("Data for Customer %d\n", cust.accountId);
printf(" First Last Phone: %s %s %s \n", cust.firstName, cust.lastName, cust.phone);
printf(" Address (Street City State ZIP): %s %s %s %d\n", cust.street, cust.city, cust.state, cust.zip);
int main(void) 
Customer custDB[SIZE]; // an array of Customer type of size SIZE
int i;
char stateCode[3];
for (i = 0; i < SIZE; ++i) 
custDB[i] = getCustInfo(i);
printf("Enter 2-character state code: ");
scanf(" %c",&stateCode);
{if(custDB[i].state == stateCode[3]) 
return (0);
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How about running the code in a debugger? (What compiler is it?)
Other hints: line 61 reads one character.
Line 64 stateCode[3] is beyond the end of the array.
Line 64, "==" will never be true, use !strcmp().

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