I am looking for a good .NET licensing system, which would be extremely easy to use and integrate (automatic integration into the program).

1. It should have online payment system: the user can buy a license online and the server can generate the key and send it to the buyer's email.

2. It should be safe (not easy to hack/crack),

3. It should also have good techniques of limiting the license to one PC (mac address, hdd serial etc.)

4. On the other hand, I would like to have good license manager, which would allow me to add/edit/remove licenses (customers) easily without doing any kind of modifications to the software.

I am also looking for good .NET code protection system, which makes de-compilation of .NET program impossible (again, easy to use).

Please advise!


P.S. Reference: jan1024188 's post

Seems like the <URL SNIPPED>Manco .NET Licensing System do all what you are looking for. It have Activation Web Service which can perform online license activation and validation (activation bind license to the PC hardware information). This web-service can communicate with online payment processors (like RegNow or ShareIt!). It can create licensing information (keys, license files) by request from payment processor and send it to buyer by e-Mail. Manco .NET Licensing System has good License Manager. It is available in both desktop and web-based editions, so you can manage licenses literally from any PC which have Windows, Internet Explorer and Silverlight installed. With Manco.NET Licensing System you can encrypt major parts of your code and obfuscate the rest.