I generate an array from the folders in a directory; which is placed in an array. i then compare it for changes in the currant folder.This way i can monitor for new files that are add to the system and trigger the script.

but i am having problems comparing the array against the currant files. my code looks like this.

import time
import os

path_to_watch = []

before =[[] for i in range(len(path_to_watch))]
for item, folder in enumerate(path_to_watch):
    before[item].append([f for f in os.listdir (folder)])
print before
while 1:
  time.sleep (3)
  for item, folder in enumerate(path_to_watch):
      after = [f for f in os.listdir (folder)]
      added = [f for f in after if not f in before[item]]
      removed = [f for f in before[item] if not f in after]
      if added:
            print "Images Added: ", ", ".join (added)
      if removed:
            print "Images Removed: ", ", ".join (removed)
      before[item] = after
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