I use vb with Access. I have 2 tables table1 & table2

i create a data report showing the data from table1. My aim is to display the data from table2 on the same report in its next page(s). any kind of help, suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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bashir ahmad

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cant say much without ur code....but is guess u could use a temp table and fill in all values desired and display it on the report all at once.


Zebnoon, please read the posting rules. We are not allowed to "Hijack" someone elses posts and raise the dead from there. You have to create your own post and we will gladly assist from there. You are a newbie though, so no harm no foul.

As far as your question is concerned, please send us more details. What exactly do you need help with. Do you have any code that is generating errors? What have you done thus far to create the report?

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