I logged into a computer which is not mine. I know there is apache installed because when I type

whereis apache

it shows


it has only a few files. I need to know where the htdocs directory is and also where http.conf file is. How do I accomplish this?


ls /etc/apache

There should be directories like sites-available, sites-enabled.
Also, the httpd.conf, apache.conf.
Maybe this will help you get started.

I know. But I don't know how to find them. May be I should use find command.

If you have locate/slocate/mlocate installed you could locate httpd.conf; locate apache.conf .

You could also use find :

find /etc -type f \( -iname httpd\.conf -o -iname apache\.conf \)

chant httpd -V (or if necessary, find the location of httpd executable and give the full path)