I am working on updating a database where some measurements are stored as text. The updates I'm making are to let the engineers that use it convert their measurements into different units. Long story short, the numbers must be kept as text for a couple reasons that I won't go into. Now I have no issues doing the conversions or anything like that, my issue comes with displaying the data.

For example, say the measurement was an angle of 180 degrees. Now when converted to radians you get a value of Pi radians of course. My issue occurs when I want to display this as a decimal. Access automatically does it as 3.14159265358979. Is there anyway to only display 3.142 without altering the text stored in the database? This text box is a bound control and needs to stay that way.


Re: Truncating Text for Display in Access 80 80

You might be able to use the "display" property??? "Format" Property??? of the field in question (i.e. table design view or the property of the textbox itself...). Can't quite remember as I don't normally work in VBA...

Good Luck

Re: Truncating Text for Display in Access 80 80

See DataFormat of the TextBox in Property Window, maybe there is something useful there..


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