i have created a system for a library using java using input and output jframes but i need to access that project using a .exe file by just a double click...how can i do that

best way is, not at all...
as Masijade pointed out, if you want a click-and-run program, you're better of with a jar-executable. this way, you get what you want, without forcing the users of your program to use Windows as operating system.

but ... I once had to create an exe, simply because for some tasks, windows will accept exe files and not jar files.

I would suggest NativeJ for that, but if you can avoid creating .exe, don't create one, a jar-file is sufficient in most cases

I have looked at NJ but it is commercial.
What do you recommend from Freeware/OSS camp?

you can use launch4j. it is an opensource and used to create the .exe file from jar file

the best way to create a .bat file which is similar to exe .First create a jar file.n then i same location where your jar file is stored create a notepad file with .bat extension
then write the following code in notepad.
java.exe -cp l.jar;. splashfrm

Pankajagar2002 i have downloaded and installed launcher 4j but actually i donno how to use it but i tried and something like error msg appear saying specify min. JRE version and or bundle JRE path

Deadsoul : i tried what you said but nothin changed so please try more explanation

and thanks for ALL.

have you created a jar file of your java files?
if you dont know how to create a jar file u can use following code..

jar cvf [jar file name ].jar [java file name].class

once you have done with it.

create a .bat file which is same as exe ok

java.exe -cp [jar file name].jar;. [java file name]

if u had installed java then write this two code in console.

goto run thn type cmd n write those code in where your java file is stored


d:\Java file > jar cvf [jar file name ].jar [java file name].class

Note : you can also use *.class instead of java file name which will collect all the class file from your java