i'm using visual csharp 2008 express edition which doesn't contain the Report viewer control. i downloaded Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2008, i install it and i try to add it to the toolbar by clicking on( Tools/ choose toolbox items) but i can't find it in the list of the controls. i hope you help me to add it.


Do you see the ReportViewer control when you're trying to add them to the toolbox?

no, this control doesn't exist in the list of items.
thank you

but i'm working on Visual Csharp 2008 Express Edition, shall i do the same steps or what?
thanks again.

unfortunately i follow the steps but i still can't find it.
thank you

I can't test it with you as I have VS professional edition, if you allow me to use Team Viewer and access your machine I'll do, if you don't; then no problem.

no excuse me i can't. thanks again

No excuses friend, I'm sorry as I couldn't help..

All you need to do is to go to Project Menu then Windows Form property and go to target framework change the .net framework 4 client profile to .net framework 4.. Hope it works... :-)