Can anybody help me on the issue below:-
'Features of C language that uses indirect addressing mode.'

I didn't get it's meaning exactly. Whether it is Function 'Call By Value', as we are not refering direct address of variables like in 'Call By reference' or anything else. Please help me on this thread.

If possible I would also like to know about the use & example of other addressing modes in C language like Indexed addressing mode & so on. I really searched on this question a lot but still not got the correct answer. :-/

Did you find those terms used in a textbook you are reading? Indexed addressing would just mean accessing a specific element of an array with an integer variable.

int array[5];
int index = 1;
array[index] = 123; // indexed addressing mode

My guess is that indirect addressing would mean to use pointers

int array[5];
int* pointer = &array[1];
*pointer = 123; // indirect addressing mode
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