Hi all,
I have a RFID hand helddevice (winCE). I am developing an application in vs 2005. In the handheld device there is an exe with 2 dll(c++). This exe is an application to read RFID. I dont know how to get the reading RFID tags to my application. Please Help me

I've done this kind of application directly from the radio itself. The radio we're using supports both serial port communication and ip base. The equipment I'm using had its own protocol and documentation with it and I used it for data processing.

If you don't know the protocol then I think you can't parse your data properly. Microsoft has some default library for this kind of application see http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=eaae202a-0fcc-406a-8fde-35713d7841ca&displaylang=en this library is not just for rfid but also for pos.