Hello. I'm learning C++ out of Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours and Accelerated C++ Practical Programming by Example. I've heard these are both good references. Anyway, I just learned about classes and I was wondering how one makes an array of class objects. here is the Cat class I made (no, not exactly the same as the one from the book, but just about :mrgreen: . . .

class Cat
int itsage;
std::string itsname;
void setage(int age);
int getage();
void meow();
void setname(std::string name);
std::string getname();

//setage sets the cat's age
void Cat::setage(int age)
itsage = age;

//returns the cat's age
int Cat::getage()
return itsage;

//meow has the cat meow
void Cat::meow()
std::cout << "Meow\n";

//setname sets the cat's name
void Cat::setname(std::string name)
itsname = name;

//getname returns the cat's name
std::string Cat::getname()
return itsname;

I think that I have the right method for initializing the array. I am doing Cat pack [8];

however. I think I'm doing it wrong when trying to call a Cat member function to a Cat object in the array. I tried pack.at(0).setage(4); which turned up a lot of errors.

Is this something that can only be accomplished using pointers? I haven't learned enough about pointers yet to do that. If it requires a pointer, I understand and will wait until I learn more, i'd just like to know. Thanks in advance.


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try this.... pack[0].setage(4);

arrays start out at 0 and go up... if you declared pack[8] the elements go from 0-7. and when you use arrays you have to include the [?] where you use it at with ? being the position you want to use.

The pack.at(0) behavior is of standard library vectors, not arrays.

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