python is not a new programming language ,it has been there for the last .... 15+ years or so ? right ?

now , by having a look at this page i can see only few programs written in python .i

tried some of the programs in that list and all the programs that i tried are either dead projects or so buggy !

so my questions is:

python is supposed to be high productivity language : why there are no many programs written in it (especially commercial)?

is python a valid practical programming language ?

is python a dying language ?

is python dead as a desktop GUI programming language ?

please don't tell me about programs where python was used as a glue ,those programs are not actually written in python.

any help will be appreciated

thank you

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The same question with the same bad spelling has been posted on at least five Python forums. The person doesn't seem to understand what you post as answer. So please don't wear yourself out answering this intelligently.

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Well, your mind seems to be made up, if you dislike Python, there isn't much I will do about it!
Python is a tool, just like any other computer language. If you can't figure out any advantages, don't use that tool.

Computer languages are tools that allow you to write the real world in little chunks that even a mindless machine like a computer can understand.

Or as more important people have so wisely said ...

"Coded with Python" is a trade secret for the companies enlightened enough to use it as their
language of choice, because it is so productive that it provides a competitive advantage.

For the last couple of years, I've been working for Mozilla, using Python. The very popular email list server Mailman is (re)written in Python. I know of many websites written in python.

One of the things I like about Python is that there is a lot of library code which makes it easy to write quick scripts to get something done. The library also makes it feasible to get production work done without excess time spent testing, since you can believe that the library 'just works'.

As vegaseat says: Python is just a tool. Some people find it to be sharp, efficient, effective. Others don't.

the matter is not that i like or dislike python.

the thing is :since a language like python is very productive ans has been there for enough time ,i expect a lot of software written in it. otherwise i suspect there is something wrong with the language.

or what ?

Python is widely used in a lot of Ubuntu software, such as the Ubuntu Software Center
Python is used as an addon scripting language for many softwares, such as EventScript
Python can be used as macro in
Python is widely used by Google. Many of the backend features of Google is coded in Python in combination with Java and other languages.
Python can be used to create 3D games with the Panda 3D engine
Python is used by NASA for CAD
Python can create a lot of wonder GUI apps, such as Calibre, emesene, Juice, Miro...
Python is... Do I need to go on?

Youtube and spotify you may have heard off.

Youtube is written in python why? "because development speed is critical"

Most of the Spotify backend is written in Python, with smaller parts in C and Java

So why is most of the world's cool new software being written in C and now Java? Partially because people do not know about Python, which I am helping to change through advocacy. Partially it is because these languages are more efficient than Python. I am also helping to change this through support of compiler technologies.

A lot more software could be written in python,many schools,university has java C/C++ only as education therefor many contiune to use thoose languages in work life.
Some changes are coming like MIT that has switch to python for there software Computer Science lecture.

Python hasn't really been used for the commercial market like other languages. It's not really designed for that, although you can still make just about anything with it. Python is more of a backend system programming language IMO. I view Python as the Programmers programming language, if that makes sense. For network admins, server-based software, networking, web-server kinds of applications, Python is amazing. And of course Python is ideal for scientific applications as well. So I guess I would say that Python doesn't have a lot of available software like other languages do, not because it is "dying" and nor because its not a good programming language, but rather because the majority of people who use it, use it for other purposes.

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